Has anyone seen this error before with the Salesforce Authenticator app?

We received an unrecognized request We found a request for a previous installation of the app. We took care of it for you, so you can continue using Salesforce Authenticator

I’m unable to log into my dev instance with two-factor authentication. Upon entering my username and password, the app pushes a notification to my phone but doesn’t show the Approve or Deny options. The 6-digit code doesn’t work either when I try that option.

We received an unrecognized request

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I ended up logging a ticket with Trailhead support and they disconnected my 2 factor authentication so that I could reconnect. It's working now.


I have a user who is suffering this now. It works once and then not at all. I remove the connection from his account, he connects, it works once... ad infinitum

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