I am trying to deploy a lightning web component to the org using vs-code but getting the error.

Starting SFDX: Deploy Source to Org

10:09:14.43 sfdx force:source:deploy --sourcepath d:\Aakriti\Projects\LWC\LWCLearning\force-app\main\default\lwc --json --loglevel fatal
10:09:25.813 sfdx force:source:deploy --sourcepath d:\Aakriti\Projects\LWC\LWCLearning\force-app\main\default\lwc --json --loglevel fatal ended with exit code 1

Earlier I was able to deploy components successfully but after updating vs-code, I am getting this error. I am not sure what is the issue. Can anyone please let me know how can I resolve this.

I am using api-version '45'.


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    Can you check if the error message is limited to What you have posted in your question? Check if you are getting anything else? – sanket kumar Apr 12 at 5:23
  • I am also getting this issue, but the file actually still deploys itself successfully – Brian Miller Apr 12 at 6:22
  • @sanketkumar, No I am not getting anything else. It is not specifying the exact error message. – Aakriti.G Apr 15 at 6:38
  • @BrianMiller, No my component is not getting deployed with this error. – Aakriti.G Apr 17 at 11:16
  • I am having same issue. When using vs code there is no package.xml. Am i right? – vanessen May 11 at 18:00

I was also facing the same error but did not find anything here. If your deployment is failing, so you need to go to your developer org, setup --> Deployment Settings

Here you will find the error details. Mine was failing coz I had already one lightning component by "HelloWorld", so I had to delete it.

You might face some other error here. So please check and then try.

  • thank you, with your help I can at least see the actual error. BTW it is Setup > Deployment Status and not Deployment Settings. – SFDC Dev 27 Jul 24 at 20:59
  • Yes exactly. Thats the issue but i was unable to delete the component so created a new component with a different name. – Dadhich Sourav Nov 6 at 11:00

Does your package.xml have the following?

  • its AuraDefinitionBundle not LightningComponentBundle. Link – rahul gawale May 23 at 11:33

Try the execute the command from Terminal window of VS Code, by putting 'trace' log level. Generally, you can copy the command from the output window. Eg.

sfdx force:source:deploy --sourcepath "c:\Users\Ross\Documents\Personal Practice Orgs\gungunaDev\force-app\main\default\lwc\customPathUiLwc" --json --loglevel trace

On the terminal window, after running the command you get the detailed errors. In my case, I was having a different name for my folder and my Component files.

I got the message as below. Which said that you 'Cannot find Lightning Component Bundle'. After looking at the error I realized that somehow I changed the name of the folder but not the files.

enter image description here


If you created a new Project, you will get error because one TrailHead Playground have only 1 project. You can create new TrailHead Playground and use this account to authorize to Org, you will not get error.

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