I just recently to download Salesforce CLI + Visual Studio with Salesforce Extension Pack.

I tried to retrieve code from Salesforce instance not from Scratch org. Just for your knowledge, I am not trying to use Devhub/Stracth org but I only want to retrieve code like using Sublime. I refer to this Org Development Model with VS Code .

Because it fail for several attempts, I google and some of the solution that I found is to create Connected Apps and so I did. But still fail.

I also key in proxy

    "http.proxy": "http://1xxxxx:8080"
    "c:\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk1.8.0_201"

When I keyin the command Authorize an Org , it will open browser ,login page to Salesforce. After I key in my user name and password it gives this error.

Here the error message : enter image description here

Please advise.


Hopefully my answer can help other peoples, I was mistundersto od on Http proxy. Apparently we should setup it in Environment Variables like picture below: enter image description here

Then make sure restart your Visual Studio. In my case I have to uninstall Salesforce Extension Pack and reinstall in after I setting up Http proxy in Environment Variable.

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