I have a project where I need to connect to an API to get data. I tested the API in postman and I'am able to get data, but when I try to connect from Salesforce I having a problem in authentication. Below is my code and the response of the API.

When I request to the authorization URL, it is redirected to the login page of the IdentityServer3. See image below.

How can I prompt the login page or are there any ways that I can authenticate the user other than prompting the login page. API grant type is authorization_code and use oauth 2.0

    HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
    Http http = new Http();

    String auth_url = 'http://sample/authorize';
    String redirect = 'https://redirect_url';
    String tokenUrl = 'http://sample/token';

    String myparams = '?response_type=code'+                  
        '&client_id=clientid' +   
        '&client_secret=clientsecret' +            
        '&scope=scope' +       
        '&prompt=login' +
        '&state=abc' +           
        '&redirect_uri=' + EncodingUtil.urlEncode(redirect, 'UTF-8');


    System.debug('Endpoint: ' + auth_url  + myparams);
    req.setEndpoint(auth_url+ myparams);

    HTTPResponse resp = http.send(req); 

    System.debug('Status Code: ' +resp.getStatusCode());  //302

    System.debug('Redirect URL: ' + resp.getHeader('Location')); // Login Page http://address/login?signin=fswetretwer5465

    if(resp.getStatusCode() == 302){
        HttpRequest req2 = new HttpRequest();
        Http http2 = new Http();

        req2.setMethod('GET'); // tried POST same response
        String myparams2 = '?response_type=code'+            
            '&client_id=clientid' +                        
            '&scope=scope' +   
            '&state=abc' +
            '&response_mode=form_post' +
            '&prompt=login' +
            '&redirect_uri=' + EncodingUtil.urlEncode(redirect, 'UTF-8');

        req2.setBody('{' +
                     '"username" : "user", '+
                     '"password" : "pass" '+

        HTTPResponse resp2 = http2.send(req2);

        System.debug(resp2.getStatusCode());   // 200

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