Is there any way to queue SMS messages in Journey Builder after the blackout period has ended?

The only way I can think of is

  1. to run a SQL query to flip a boolean flag before the blackout time and
  2. update another column with the date/time when the blackout is over.
  3. Then use a Decision Split to evaluate that flag and
  4. finally a Wait Until activity to send the SMS message when the blackout is over.

Are there any other alternatives? RaiseError or Exclusion Scripts aren't available in MobileConnect and won't queue messages.


So I was able to test my own solution and it worked properly. The only thing I would add is that I added another query after a Wait period of 12 hours (or however long the blackout period is) and flipped the boolean flags back to indicate the blackout time is over. Also in the query, I cleared the date/time column if the blackout flag is false.

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