I'd like some clarification on the dynamic sender profile AMPscript. When using this in the email:

%%[ VAR @fromName 
SET @fromName = Lookup("MySendProfilesDE","FROM_NAME", "SendProfileField", SENDABLE_DE_FIELD_TO_DRIVE_PROFILE) 
IF EMPTY (@fromName) THEN 
SET @fromName = 'MyDefaultFromName' 
ENDIF ]%% 

What does "SENDABLE_DE_FIELD_TO_DRIVE_PROFILE) mean? What should that be referencing?


This would be the 'Where clause' value you are looking up - same as "SendProfileField" is the 'Where clause' name.

For instance:

From Name is in a DE (let's call it 'FROMNAME_DE') matched on Subscriberkey of your subscriber (as primary key).

Subscriberkey | FROM_NAME

Then in the Dynamic Sender Profile, you would need to do a lookup to the FROMNAME_DE using your Subscriberkey as the 'WHERE' clause of the lookup.


SET @fromName = Lookup("FROMNAME_DE", "FROM_NAME", "SubscriberKey", _subscriberkey)

  • If I'm looking up from a separate SenderProfileDE than my sending DE, would I still be using this method or is this assuming one DE being used? – McdonaldZip Apr 10 '19 at 19:08
  • The lookup should only be used when the info is not in the sending DE. Otherwise you can use AttributeValue() or the personalization string to fill it. – Gortonington Apr 10 '19 at 19:36

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