I am trying to switch off Autocommit feature by using AllOrNoneHeader in Bulk API implementation through JAVA. I have searched over internet but see only example of implementing it for SOAP based calls but nothing for Bulk API i.e. Restful service call

I need suggestion if there is any direct or indirect way to implement AllOrNoneHeader for Restful Bulk API Implementation,

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I don't believe this options exists for the bulk API. Based on General Guidelines for Data Loads in the Bulk API documentation I conclude it always executes in way similar to having AllOrNone=false.

The Bulk API doesn't generate an error immediately when encountering a lock. It waits a few seconds for its release and, if it doesn't happen, the record is marked as failed. If there are problems acquiring locks for more than 100 records in a batch, the Bulk API places the remainder of the batch back in the queue for later processing. When the Bulk API processes the batch again later, records marked as failed are not retried. To process these records, you must submit them again in a separate batch. If the Bulk API continues to encounter problems processing a batch, it's placed back in the queue and reprocessed up to 10 times before the batch is permanently marked as failed. Even if the batch failed, some records could have completed successfully. To get batch results to see which records, if any, were processed, see Getting Batch Results. If errors persist, create a separate job to process the data in serial mode, which ensures that only one batch is processed at a time.

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