A person trying to Edit a task he is "Assigned To". Profile has --> "Edit tasks" permission

OWD for TASk is --> Controlled by Parent

Tasks is related to either ( Account/ Opportunity) for both these objects user has ---> Read, Create, Edit, View All permission.

still not able to Edit tasks... while he says colleague with same settings can able to edit


could you verify the role of the user in the role hierarchy? Could be possible that the task user is trying to edit belongs to account owned by someone higher up in the company role hierarchy. Suggest you to verify his role or alternatively try giving Modify All permission on parent

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  • Hi.. yes he is at a Role below the one who created the Task ( and assigned it to him later) . However when i replicate the steps in Sandbox he is able to edit it. This leaves me in a fix... and i suppose we cannot grant Modify All permission, as it is a very broad access... – sfdc_hsvp Apr 11 '19 at 5:33
  • Agree.Giving modify all is a big NO. But r u trying to say that the issue was in the role hierarchy? – A_Aranha Apr 12 '19 at 16:53

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