How to fetch the number of record processed and number of record failed in salesforce using python.

After a Bulk API upsert, how can i inspect the batch to find the count of record

I am using the salesforce-bulk Python library and have tried using the batch_status function

i need the following output.


'apexProcessingTime': '0', 

'apiActiveProcessingTime': '1',

'createdDate': '2017-07-21T15:33:47.000Z',

'id': '...',

'jobId': '...',

'numberRecordsFailed': '4',    # This is non-zero, so something went 

'numberRecordsProcessed': '4',

'state': 'Completed',

'systemModstamp': '2017-07-21T15:33:47.000Z',

'totalProcessingTime': '21',


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