I want to replace the merge fields in my email templates with values I have in my class, with the intention of serving them in the front end for users to further edit.

My template looks like this:


 Requesting information on {!File__c.Full_Name__c}


 Hello, this is ({!User.Name}), requesting information on ({!File__c.Full_Name__c}).

My class is running the following

public void queryRequestedEmail() {
    try {
        requestedEmail = [SELECT Name, Body, HtmlValue, Subject FROM EmailTemplate WHERE ID = :requestedEmailString];
    } catch(Exception e) {
        System.debug('Requested Email cannot be found');


    String subject = requestedEmail.Subject;
    subject = subject.replace('{!File__c.Full_Name__c}', file.Full_Name__c);
    String requestedEmailBody = requestedEmail.HtmlValue;
    requestedEmailBody = requestedEmailBody.replace('{!User.Name}', user.Name);
    requestedEmailBody = requestedEmailBody.replace('{!File__c.Full_Name__c}', file.Full_Name__c);

    requestedEmailJSON = JSON.serialize(requestedEmail);

But the email I am getting back in the front end it the email with th emerge fields unpopulated.


You can use renderStoredEmailTemplate from Messaging. This takes a template Id, Who Id, and what Id, and returns the text that would be merged based on the records. This would be the easiest way to render a template assuming you can do so without querying additional records besides who Id, what Id, and template Id.

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