As of API 43 there seems to have been some rest resources added to the metadata api. This Documentation Seems to be lacking the ability to tell me how they want me to send the zip package with the JSON request object. Any information would be helpful, Thanks in advance!

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    Agree it is very limited in details and examples on how to use them. I tried to explore saleforce-alm module (used in cli) but even that seems to be using the rest apis only to quick deploy. – realfire Apr 7 at 4:50
  • Your comment led me to an answer so thank you – Zach Hutchins Apr 11 at 18:42

Use a multi-part form... Had to scour the source code for the CLI to find this out ..


Content-Disposition: form-data; name="entity_content"; Content-Type: application/json



Content-Type: application/zip Content-Disposition: form-data; name="file";

Zip binary data goes here.


  • I was searching for the same and gonna research it. Thanks for saving my tons of time. – Ayub Nov 11 at 9:59

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