I try to approve record automatically after it was send for approval by standard functionality. How can it be done through apex? Here is my code:

trigger ITAssetTrigger on IT_Asset__c (after update) {
    for(IT_Asset__c it: Trigger.new){   
        Approval.ProcessWorkitemRequest prWkItem = new Approval.ProcessWorkitemRequest();    
        List<ProcessInstanceWorkitem> pItem = [Select Id, OriginalActorId from ProcessInstanceWorkitem where ProcessInstance.TargetObjectId =: it.id AND ProcessInstance.Status = 'Pending' AND OriginalActorId = '005b0000001SGaeAAG'];
        if(pItem.size() > 0){                            
            prWkItem.setComments('Request Canceled by User: ' + userInfo.getName());

        if(prWkItem.WorkItemID != null){   
            Approval.ProcessResult appResult = Approval.process(prWkItem);

This code brings error:

INVALID_CROSS_REFERENCE_KEY, invalid cross reference id: []: Trigger.ITAssetTrigger: line 16, column 1". 

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