Having an issue that's driving me a little nuts. Every time I go to deploy any objects from IntelliJ into either a sandbox or production environment, I am getting the following error:

ERROR deploying CustomObject <object name>: Property 'enableLicensing' not valid in version 44.0

Our sandboxes and production environment are API version 45, and I am running IntelliJ / Illuminated Cloud in API version 45 as well. In order to get around this error, I am having to remove the <enableLicensing>false</enableLicensing> tag from each object I'm attempting to deploy.

Hoping someone has some insight into how to resolve this issue!

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You need to change the version tag in the package.xml manifest you're using for the project to 45.0:


It sounds like your metadata's being pulled over API 45.0 but deployed via 44.0.

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    Of COURSE it's in the package.xml, the one spot I didn't check. This fixed the issue right up. Apr 4, 2019 at 19:58

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