I apologize in advance if my request looks like a mess :) I'm used to working with excel, and am new to SalesForce.

I have a report with the names of departments, and I need to group by those department names. However, However, the department names are not clear enough for my needs.

I'm looking to do the following: add a column that uses a custom formula, and this is how I would do it in excel:


How would I go about adding something like this to a SalesForce report?

Also, instead of using an exact match, how can I do the following:


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You need to create a custom formula field in an object that contains department name, then add it as a column to a report. Formula fields have almost the same syntax:

IF(logical_test, value_if_true, value_if_false).

So, in your case it should be like this: IF(departmentName = "Biotech", "BIO", IF(departmentName = "Genetics", "GEN", departmentName)) where departmentName is an API name of the field, like departmentName__c.

CONTAINS(text, compare_text) function also may help you.

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