I have an input in a form built with aura:

<input class=" input uiInput uiInputText uiInput--default uiInput--input" type="text" aria-describedby="5284:0" placeholder="" id="7:4790;a" data-aura-rendered-by="17:4790;a" data-aura-class="uiInput uiInputText uiInput--default uiInput--input" data-interactive-lib-uid="54" aria-required="true">

I need to change the value of this input using javascript. However, when doing:

document.getElementById("7:4790;a").value = "random value";

Visually, it changes the value in the input, but it is not taken into account when saving as if I didn't change anything.

How can I achieve this ? Do I need to trigger a specific event so that aura takes notice of the new data ?


If you convert your <input> element to a <lightning:input> or <ui:input> component, then add aura:id="myInputField" to the component then you can use the following javascript to adjust the value:

component.find("myInputField").set("v.value", "random value");

As best practice, you should always use <lightning:input> or <ui:input> components - they're much easier to work within the aura framework

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