WorkOrders have a set of standard fields called StartDate and EndDate. According to the SOAP API documentation, they are defined as such:

StartDate: The date when the work order goes into effect.

For example, you can create a quick action that sets the StartDate to the date when the Status changes to In Progress

EndDate: The date when the work order is completed.

For example, you can create a quick action that sets the EndDate to 365 days after the StartDate.

There is one WorkOrder status category that sort of defies this: "Canceled".

If a WorkOrder is canceled, according to these rules, I would expect to see a null EndDate, and probably a null StartDate. That is how my current code works, but I am newly interested in the date a WO was Canceled. I am considering recording this in EndDate.

Will I regret this decision?

What is actually being done in the field? Are there common integrations that rely on a particular definition of these fields so that I'll regret my choices here?


Those definitions presented in the documentation don't seem to be related to one another, nor the field's natural names, nor to the examples given. Very odd.

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