I created this formula field to display a hyperlink to the direct parent account on whatever record a user is viewing. For some reason the link displays the account Id number and not the actual name of the account.

Formula Field:

   HYPERLINK("/" & Parent_Account__c, Parent_Account__c, '_self'), ''
  • you should use PArent_Account.Name
    – m Peixoto
    Commented Apr 3, 2019 at 14:44

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The HYPERLINK() formula function accepts both a URL and a display name for the link. You're constructing both using the Parent_Account__c field, which is the relationship field:

HYPERLINK("/" & Parent_Account__c, Parent_Account__c, '_self')

The content of a relationship field is always a Salesforce Id. If you'd like to display the name, or any other related field, you need to reference it explicitly:

HYPERLINK("/" & Parent_Account__c, Parent_Account__r.Name, '_self')

Parent_Account__r.Name should give you the parent account name you're looking for. Try that in the second parameter of the HYPERLINK() method.


The correct formula for the HYPERLINK should be some like if you are using the Parent out of the box relationship.

HYPERLINK("/" &  ParentId , Parent.Name, '_self')

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