I'm working on a managed package.  I deleted and reinstalled it and the VF pages appear to have a different URL format.  That wouldn't be a big deal except we embedded a VF page in page layout.  I simply used the Page Layout editor to drag the VF page onto the page. When the page loads, the page layout is sending the old URL format to the iframe and the embedded page doesn't render.  In place of the page is an unhappy piece of paper icon and the message "login.salesforce.com refused to connect."

The Page Layout is trying to load in the iframe --


That URL does not work. If I manually add the namespace prefix to that and load it in another window, is does load--


​​​​​​​ When I load my other pages that run off buttons, I noticed the URL has changed to a URL with the node name in it and the namespace in lower care before the node name.


I can use a URL like that to get the first page also --


I would think it is the above URL that the page layout should be asking for. But it's asking for the old-style URL and so the embedded VF page is broken.

(In the examples above "PageName", "OtherPageName", "Namespace_Prefix", and "namespace-prefix" are substitutes for the actual values.)

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