i have a trigger that will update a custom date field in my case but it seems like my calculation is wrong.

This is my trigger:

c.SLA_Cont_Time__c = System.now() - c.SLA_Days_mins__c;

c.SLA_Cont_Time__c is my custom date/time field and c.SLA_Days_mins__c is a numeric field that i need to minus it to get latest value. but my c.SLA_Cont_Time__c keep getting the System.now() value. why it will not take the after subtraction value?

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Try taking a look at the date instance methods.

You'll find a method called addDays that'll do the trick. Also, System.now() returns a datetime rather than a date, so if you want today's date, use date.today().

c.SLA_Cont_Time__c = date.today().addDays(-1*c.SLA_Days_mins__c);

// I multiplied c.SLA_Days_mins__c by -1 before so we subtract days

For reference:

  • Actually i need this field for my entitlement. so i need it as a date time value as my entitlement count against my business hour. c.SLA_Days_mins__c actually is a minute that i calculate from 2 date field. I wanted to know how many mins used for my entitlement milestone then continue from there. That's why i need to minus c.SLA_Days_mins__c – user2074703 Feb 1 '14 at 10:24


c.SLA_Cont_Time__c = (System.now().getTime() - c.SLA_Days_mins__c.getTime())/1000;

Because getTime() :

Returns the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT represented by this DateTime object.

but why do you need Data/Time field? Did you considered use formula?

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