I have created a flow with 3 screens and placed on the opportunity record page using lightning app builder.

I need to create case record from a flow. So I want to pre-populate some values for the new case record with values coming from the opportunity. In the end, I want the case to be created under that specific opportunity so need to update the Opportunity lookup field on Case with the opty ID I am working on.


Considering you have the Opportunity Id as a variable, after the user fills out the form and hits next, in your 'Create Record' action just add a row and set

Case.Opportunity__c (the lookup field) = opportunityId (the variable).


You can also use the 'Get Record' action to query for the Opportunity record (and any field whose value you want) and store it in a 'record variable'. You can then use the same approach as above to set any field on the case to the value {!Opportunity.[Field]}

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