When I am in Set Up and attempt to open something, like User Profiles for example, I always get this modal that asks We'd like to open the Salesforce page ... in a new tab and then when you allow it, it opens up the view in a new tab where no JS works, causing the page to be useless.

Is there a way to fix this issue? It seems to only happen in Safari, but its a pretty ridiculous issue to even exist.

  • Are you on Safari 11.x+? Do you see any errors in the Web Inspector? Are you running plugins? As far as I can tell, it shouldn't be doing this unless there's an underlying error somewhere. Any additional details you can provide would be appreciated. – sfdcfox Apr 1 at 18:52
  • I am running Safari 12.1 and no extensions. I do get two 404 errors when these routes are attempting to load: /javascript/1553688346000/ui-sfdc-javascript-impl/source/SfdcCore.js.map and /javascript/1553688290000/sfdc/source/AuraAlohaFrameNavigator.js.map – BlondeSwan Apr 1 at 19:04
  • The map files are not necessary for normal operation. Thanks for the additional information. You most likely will want to report a bug directly to salesforce by opening a case. I haven't seen any other instances of this yet, and I don't have a computer to run Safari on, but between Support and perhaps someone here that knows more, hopefully you'll get an answer. – sfdcfox Apr 1 at 19:06
  • This happens to me but only in Safari, not Chrome or Edge. Does anyone have a fix? – disasterlooms Jun 5 at 16:43

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