For some reason, my Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud got disconnected. I started the "usual" troubleshooting procedure - cleared out the tokens, but even after that I cannot reconnect them. When I go to MC tab in Sales Cloud, I am able to log in with my MC API user credentials, but if I try to click on Change Marketing Cloud User or Configure Marketing Cloud Connector I get the following message:

Sorry, something went wrong. We couldn't retrieve the API User details. Try again or open a support case in the Help and Training portal.

Does anyone have an idea what might be wrong?


enter image description here

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Support was not helpful at all, but I managed to resolve the issue by deleting the existing Configuration, as described here, and re-configuring MC Connect once again:



Since the user tokens are only visible to support and from what I heard from them aren't the same all the time, its better to raise a request and ask them to look into it.

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