Is it currently possible access the clipboard conents from the onpaste event for the lightning datatable? If so how? If not then is there a work around?

I want to copy an paste from Excel and populate the lightning datatable from the contents.

    <lightning:datatable aura:id="definitions"
                         data="{! v.scenario_definition }"
                         columns="{! v.scenario_definition_columns}"

 paste: function(component, event, helper) {                       
        let paste_ok = document.queryCommandSupported("paste");
        console.log('Is paste ok: ' + paste_ok);

I want the controller to parse the data on the clipboard then fill the data table. Should be simple.

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    Can you please edit your question to include the code you've tried so far? What exactly are you trying to do? – sfdcfox Mar 29 at 15:33
  • There is no such onpaste event on lightning:datatable. – Jayant Das Mar 29 at 16:39

According to this document, the onpaste event is not supported for the datatable.

Besides, the datatable object is designed more like a read/edit of existing rows than an actual spreadsheet.

You may want to try capturing the paste at the component level and then adding those rows yourself to the array (v.scenario_definition) that powers the datatable.

  • It isn't documented. onpaste="{!c.paste}" does work with lightning:datatable. An event does fire when you do Ctrl+v and you can handle it. However you don't have access to the clipboard. – ploc Mar 29 at 17:20
  • @ploc Anything undocumented thing could still work, BUT you should avoid using such things as it could stop working at a point and that you will not get any support around such thing from Salesforce – Jayant Das Mar 29 at 18:49

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