Trying to put a Formula Field Image on an Email template so to have images unique to the Account.

So Email templates replaces & with & thus the parameters in externally shared links from both Documents or ContentDistribution result in a broken image link.

Any advise here?

  • Replacing & with & in HTML is correct, and would not be causing this problem. It may be that the file requires login in order to view. Have you tried loading the URL directly, replacing & with &? Does it redirect to a login page? – sfdcfox Mar 29 at 14:49
  • I thought about that, but replacing the & with & makes the image work when not logged in. It definitely seems to be the the & breaking it – stackasaur Mar 29 at 14:53
  • Have you tried placing the image in a static resource? See salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/206267/… – David Cheng Mar 29 at 15:58
  • Have you tried encoding the & sign with html encode to %26 in the url? Can you also post a sample url that you are trying to put in the Email Template? – Kevan Mar 31 at 7:30

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