In order to connect my VSC to my org and pull my org's datas to VSC, I followed the steps this great video shows ;

In Visual Studio Code I : - SFDX: created project with Manifest - in the manifest -> package.xml, I replaced the code with the one I got using packagebuilder.herokuapp.com - SFDX: authorized (my) Org

Then, exactly as in the video (precisely there 10m10s), I access the button SFDX: retrieve Source from Org (cf screenshot) enter image description here.

Then, it's working for several minutes, but finally fail explaining :

ERROR:  Expected metadata file at path: (+path)

enter image description here

I search for answers on the internet, after searching there in vain... Any idea how to solve this ?

Thanks !

Edit : also tried using the windows commandLine, same result : enter image description here

I was looking at this topic. Sorry it didn't help..

Edit : I commented the concerned lines : enter image description here

And know, I got much more topics to read, as this error seems more common.. But any help is always welcom !

After 8m30s of work, the new error is :

ERROR:  EISDIR: illegal operation on a directory, read.

enter image description here

EDIT ! Well, in fact I got some datas from the org ! But it seems that a lot is missing ... As I don't know which one are missing, and the others, it's not helpful.

  • Sadly, I abandonned this way of achieving my goal ; I did it with the help of ForceCode. Hate not to understand what went wrong, but can't stay like this ! – Alexis MASSON Mar 28 at 17:17

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