Hi under the leads object I have list view that shows all current leads.

I want to make a custom list view and on my view make changes and have the changes visible to all users by default.

Currently when I make changes to the list view, the changes are not displayed for other users.

enter image description here


You might need to change the sharing setting of your list view. Follow the below steps:-

1.From the list view controls (List View Controls), select Sharing setting.

enter image description here

2.You will have three options:-

Who sees this list view?

  1. Only I can see this list view

  2. All users can see this list view

  3. Share list view with groups of users

Once you select the 2nd option, The list view will be applicable for all the users in your org.

  • Hi, I have selected the 2nd option before and tried again. The change for the list view, only displays for my account. – user64707 Mar 28 '19 at 11:34

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