My company is using custom objects for Pricelist, Pricelist Items, and Products.

I'm having this error trying to test my method to get a return of the Pricelist object as a List of Id.

Line: 11, Column: 5 - "Static method cannot be referenced from a non static context: List IPriceDecorator.getPriceList(Id, Set)"

global class IPriceDecorator {

    global static List<Pricelist__c> getPriceList(Id priceListId, Set<Id> setProdId) {
        System.debug(LoggingLevel.ERROR, '__ [cls IPriceDecorator - getPriceList] - Start...');
        //System.debug(LoggingLevel.ERROR, '__ [cls IPriceDecorator - getPriceList] - priceListId: ' + priceListId);
        //System.debug(LoggingLevel.ERROR, '__ [cls IPriceDecorator - getPriceList] - setProdId: ' + setProdId);

        List<Pricelist__c> priceList = [ SELECT Id 
                                        , Name
                                        , IsActive__c
                                        FROM Pricelist__c
                                        WHERE Id =: setProdId ];

        System.debug(LoggingLevel.ERROR, '__ [cls IPriceDecorator - getPriceList] - priceList: ' + priceList);

        return priceList.isEmpty() ? null : priceList;       



I'm running this snippet in Execute Anonymous.

String Id_Field = 'Id'; Id priceListId = 'a1t0O000005OsARQA0';
List<Product__c> prodList = [SELECT Id FROM Product__c];
System.debug('prodList: ' + prodList);

Set<Id> setProdId = new Set<Id>(); setProdId =
CollectionUtils.createSet(prodList, Id_Field);

System.debug('setProdId: ' + setProdId); IPriceDecorator obj = new
IPriceDecorator(); obj.getPriceList(priceListId, setProdId);

I really don't understand why this error occurs.


The getPriceList method is static. It is associated with the class IPriceDecorator, not an instance of the class.

You should call it like this:

IPriceDecorator.getPriceList(priceListId, setProdId)

You can read more about static methods in Apex here: Static and Instance Methods, Variables, and Initialization Code

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