I am firing an event from my Lightning Web Component(LWC). Now I have to receive this event by a Aura Component.

As per the documentation I am able to receive the event if this LWC is enclosed in the Aura Component.

But I am not able to handle this event if LWC and Aura components are independents (LWC is not enclosed in the Aura Component).

I am firing event through Publish Subscriber model.


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To simplify things, lets call your LWC, component A, and your Aura component, component B.

Currently your components are independent, thus in tree terms, your component B (Aura) is not an ancestor of the component A (LWC).

There are two quick ways you could fire an event from component A (LWC) to component B (Aura)

1) Create a new Aura component that encapsulates component A (LWC). Component A then would fire a standard DOM event and the new Aura component would listen for the event and then re-fire the event as an application Aura event. Component B would then listen for the event and handle it. Something like this gist.

2) Create a child LWC component, call it componentC, in component B (Aura). Fire the event via pub-sub in component A (LWC). Then in componentC, listen and handle your event then re-fire it as a standard DOM event that would be handled by your Aura component, component B.

More resources:

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