I have created my plugin using sfdx plugins:generate and then I deployed it to npm. When I try to install it using sfdx plugins:install I got the message: This plugin is not digitally signed and its authenticity cannot be verified. Continue installation y/n?.

So my question is: How do I do to sign my SFDX Plugin?


Salesforce is still working on this and in future they plan to provide a mechanism how extension authors can sign the plugin .

Currently if you want to avoid that warning , it is a manual process .

If you are on MAC you can find the sfdx folder located at below directory


In the sfdx folder create a file named unsignedPluginWhiteList.json and add the below


Here plugin-name is the name of your plugin .

If you are on windows the sfdx directory will be at C:\Users\username.config\sfdx


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If you need to install automatically your plugin, like in a Dockerfile or in a CI process, you can use the following line :

echo 'y' | sfdx plugins:install yourpluginname
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    Great workaround! Thank you man! – Saulo Mar 26 '19 at 22:56
  • You're welcome :) plz mark my response as the good answer if you consider it is :) – Nicolas Vuillamy Jan 10 at 18:13

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