I am trying to implement a drag and drop functionality in lwc and I am getting the below code:

<template for:each={leftTask} for:item="task">
    <div class="draggable" draggable="true" key={task.taskId} ondragstart={handleDragStart(task.taskId)}>{task.name}</div>

However, it seems that lwc doesn't allow passing parameters directly into handle functions. So the above code won't work. I am wondering is it possible to pass any parameter into js handler at all? Or do I have to make a separate child component in order to handle this?


You can read data directly from the target:

<div data-id={task.taskId} class="draggable" draggable="true" key={task.taskId} 

function handleDragStart(event) {
    var taskId = event.target.dataset.id;
    // ...
  • @sfscfox do you know of a similar solution for the <button> tag? When I set data-id and try to access it via event.target.dataset.id, it does not exist. dataset doesn't actually exist. – BlondeSwan May 30 at 21:29

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