I have a requirement to update the Unit price(quoted Price) field of an Opportunity Line Item from the related Product Object custom field. And I need to perform this update when I am creating the Opty Line item. Please let me know how can I do this?

A little background on this issue:

I realized Unit Price can only be set manually during OLI creation. After OLI record Save, to edit the Unit Price(QP) OptyLineItemSchedule records under that OLI needs to be deleted, but if I perform the deletion using Lightning flow, that is not editing/updating the Unit Price and also makes OLI.Qty field as zero. So, I took the approach of deleting the OLI record and recreate it with updated Quoted Price from Prod2CustomField__c. For that, I have tried creating Process builder(Invoke when 'HasLineItem = True') with flow & OLI (After Insert) Trigger with flow. But still not able to perform this.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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