The main issue we see old Case Emails in the Case Feed within the community. We can only remove with Classic Case Feed Filter Primarily the Salesforce documentation does not match what we are seeing. Which makes these multiple issues confusing.

so please use the numbered bullets to help answer!

This is the simplified process we took:

  1. Customer Community Users (Not plus) can only see their companies Cases via Sharing Set.
  2. enabled standard (Citizen) community template.
  3. Created a typical Case Detail Page, which includes the Chatter Feed.
  4. Customer Can See Chatter Posts and Emails in this Chatter Feed. We do not wish them to see Emails, only wish them to see Chatter Posts.
  5. A Before Insert Trigger to set the IsExternallyVisible to FALSE, as per rubbish article. because this field defaults to TRUE.
  6. Only to find I cannot write to this field.
  7. This other rubbish item suggested a work around, no good!
  8. As per API guide https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.object_reference.meta/object_reference/sforce_api_objects_emailmessage.htm "Enable Community Case Feed". However There is no such setting under Support Settings, or anywhere else.
  9. Seemingly we are meant to be able use Feed Filter to prevent Email Messages, but this does not work by itself, we added the settings to the Page Layout Feed View. great we could remove emails, so we are able to Feed Filter, It works on Classic Case Feed Pages for internal Users but not in Community or Internal Lightning Experience.

This is only a snippet of things we have tried.


  1. it looks like we have done something to stop new emails from appearing. We now only see old emails in the feed, but the IsExternallyVisible flag is set on all emails, go figure???

Ultimately I believe if I could turn on this imaginary setting "Enable Community Case Feed" then maybe I would be able to finish my trigger.

Mine Field!

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