In Aura we used to do this:

let labelName = 'mylabel';
$A.getReference("$Label.c."+ labelName);

In LWC $A is not accessible anymore.

Following the documentation I can only see a way to get access to Label's value through import. As far as I know import don't work dynamically. By this I mean that you need to know which label you want the value of in advance. In our case the label's name would be stored in a Custom Metadata

I was hoping for a solution involving Apex and/or SOQL but could not find anything.

Any idea?

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    Why do you need dynamic labels? What's the purpose of this? – sfdcfox Mar 21 '19 at 19:09
  • I am developing a dynamic form engine. It reads configuration from metadata and renders a multistep wizard. The point is avoid code deployment when the business wants only to change a few labels or fields. That's the reason why all config is read from metadata. Everything needs to be translatable. – LaurentD Mar 25 '19 at 8:56

You can dynamically get a label via Apex using this slightly hackish technique:

Component.Apex.OutputText output = new Component.Apex.OutputText();
output.expressions.value = '{!$Label.' + labelStringPassedIn + '}';
String labelValue = String.valueOf(output.value);

Unfortunately you'll need to call this for each label you want to retrieve.

This works in a lightning context.

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You can not import label dynamically. Here are the conversions from twitter where we have talked about the same thing.

It does include a message from Principal Architect at @Salesforce. This is not possible now but it will be there in the future.

And Dynamic import hasn’t made it to a JavaScript standard yet. It is a level 4 proposal https://github.com/tc39/proposal-dynamic-import/#import


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