Looking for some help in working out having a subscriber attribute updating when adding to the all subscriber network via email send. Our default value needs to be set to Orange Company as this is our main company.

I am creating a CloudPage form sign up form for the Banana Company and I need to have new subscribers created with the company attribute of Banana.

Currently I have the Profile Attribute set as follows:

  • Required = True
  • Hidden = False
  • Read-Only = True
  • Do Not Update Subscriber Value with Send Times = False
  • Data Type = Text
  • Default Value = Orange

I have created a data relationship on the Data Extension that the CloudPage drops into, however when an email is sent, no information is created with the profile values. The default set won't even populate as seen below in this screenshot.

If anyone has any information on how these relationships populate data it would be greatly appreciated!

Profile Management

Data Relationship

  • Hi Cameron, Can you confirm if the Default "Orange" value is being populated for NEW Subscribers (created after this attribute was made)? Mar 25 '19 at 9:09
  • Hi @CameronRobert, This is the process for which the new subscribers are being created via the CloudPage. All subscribers were automatically updated to the default value of "Orange" its updating to "Banana" that seems to be the problem. If its of more assistance the FIrstName & LastName are not populating either. Somehow my data relationship is not attributing correctly on completing the cloudpage.
    – Cameron
    Mar 26 '19 at 16:25

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