I'm doing a query to an object. My question is if nothing returns is it technically null. I want to return null if it is.

People person = [SELECT Id, Type FROM People WHERE (Type LIKE '%Construction%') limit 1];

if (person == null){
    return null;

The syntax in your code throws a QueryException if you try it, and there are no records to return. Instead, use one of the other common patterns. This is one that I use:

People person; // is null
for(People record: [SELECT Type FROM People WHERE Type LIKE '%Construction%' LIMIT 1]) {
  person = record;
return person; // will return null or a single record
  • The syntax in your code throws a QueryException if you try it -- only if there's no record returned. – Jayant Das Mar 20 at 21:53
  • @JayantDas That's what I meant, of course, but I went ahead and clarified. – sfdcfox Mar 21 at 0:50

One way to do this is to check for the number of records returned:

People[] persons = [...];
if (persons.size() == 0) return null;

as your code as written will generate this exception if no records match:

System.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject

  • 2
    Or simply isEmpty() :) – Eric Mar 21 at 4:10
  • @Eric I always forget that method... – Keith C Mar 21 at 8:04

Change the code to:

People[] people = [SELECT Id, Type FROM People WHERE (Type LIKE '%Construction%') LIMIT 1];

if (people.size() == 0){
    return null;
} else {
    return people[0];

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