I'm going through the Build a Community with Knowledge and Chat module on trailhead and keep getting the same CSP violation when I try to whitelist the snap-in chat in the community builder. I have made sure my security settings allow whitelisted third party scripts, but I get the CSP violation whenever I try to whitelist the snap-in chat. I've also tried adding it to trusted sites and still get the same violation. Is there anything else I should be doing?Whitelist Error

Builder Security Settings

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When adding sites to Trusted Sites (and often to the main Salesforce Trusted URLs list) add as https://*.salesforceliveagent.com to avoid duplication. When I was adding the Zendesk Chat bot to an Experience site recently, I had to click through each CSP error url to find the next domain. By the end of it, I had added:

  • https://*.zopim.com
  • https://*.zdassets.com
  • https://*.zendesk.com

I had the same issue. Instead of trying to add the entire URL under whitelisted sites, Please try adding only until salesforceliveagent.com. Found the answer here. stackexchange

It solved my issue.

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