I have a following data in a List,

From the following data I will create the native lightning datatable and it looks like follows

0: {Name: "Test Contact 2", Person__c: "a0j4E00000BY96GQAT"}
1: {Name: "Test Contact 1", Person__c: "a0j4E00000BY96GQAT"}

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Afterwards I just selected the Contacts which I need to generate the Requests and when I click the Button the datatable will looks like below,

enter image description here

In the above datatable I'll need to disable the Test Contact 2 row to select because its status is Pending.

According to the above data I'll need to show those data in a datatable in a lightning component. What I need here is in that datatable I'll need to disable a particular row according to the record status__c field.

Is it possible in datatable? I couldn't find any place to refer it.

For a workaround I just hide the checkbox column if all records status are Pending and I used a Trigger to avoid creating the pending request again to a particular Contact and according to the results I did something to achieve what I need. But its very easy If we have a way to disable row wise.

  • Hi, if possible try conditional styling. which ever row has status value that's not supposed to be selected, grey-out the row by applying style from Javascript and disable the checkbox beside that row. – 7'7' Mar 20 '19 at 11:25
  • Does "disable" just mean not include row actions, here? Are you using the native <lightning:dataTable> component, and if so what does your markup look like? Could you edit your question to add some more details? – David Reed Mar 20 '19 at 11:29
  • @DavidReed, Yes and also need to disable to check the checkbox, yes. I have edited. – Hariprasath Mar 20 '19 at 11:56

If you want to decide which button to disable for each row, you can handle it like this:

When you set your button column (oninit) set it's disabled attribute to a fieldName:

{label: 'myButton', fieldName: 'click', type: 'button', typeAttributes: {label:  'myButton',
                                                                        name: 'typeButton',
                                                                        disabled: {fieldName: 'typeButton_disabled'}}},

Then after you get your data, go over all rows and decide for each one what is the disabled status you want to give the button, and set the typeButton_disabled field accordingly:

for (var i=0; i<data.length; i++) {

    if (you want to disable the button for this row) {
        data[i].typeButton_disabled = true;
    else {
        data[i].typeButton_disabled = false;

Now save your data to the attribute.

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