I have a custom url companyname.com. I have a community with the url mydomain.force.com. Now when I enter the custom URL in the browser, it should redirect to community login page. Is there any way to achieve this scenario. Please suggest


This is possible as standard functionality, but you have to follow these steps:

  1. Setup the domain in Salesforce
  2. Get the CNAME record updated in the DNS to point to the Salesforce Org URL for the community
  3. Create a Certificate Signing Request in Salesforce for the domain and get a Certification Authority to issue a certificate
  4. Upload the certificate in Salesforce
  5. Setup the Custom URL for the community using the domain

See SF documentation link

These cannot be made active in a sandbox environment, but can be setup in a sandbox and deployed. Therefore the sandbox URL will always be including a force.com domain.

  • Thanks @DaveHumm....Your answer guided me to the best route possible....I have a small doubt here... I have gone through the link that you've provided above...So here in [domain].[18 character orgId].live.siteforce.com, under [domain], do i need to provide link of my org domain(mydomain.force.com) or Community domain(partnerdomain.com)? Please suggest – S kanth Mar 22 '19 at 6:28
  • And Can we perform this in QA? I have read somewhere that this can only be done in Prod..But before deploying to Prod, we need to test this in QA...Please suggest – S kanth Mar 22 '19 at 7:41
  • 1
    It can't be activated in a Sandbox environment, and I have had to do this directly into production a number of times. – Dave Humm Mar 22 '19 at 15:10

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