I am a bit lost. As far as I understand, a ProductItem in Field Service Lightning is consumed using a ProductConsumed record, which is related to a ProductItemTransaction.

If I further understand correctly - and that corresponds to everything I have tested so far - a ProductItemTransaction with the type "Consumed" is always related to a ProductConsumed.

Now I can see on my org, that there are numerous ProductItemTransactions, type "Consumed", which are not related to a ProductConsumed.

The related ProductItems have an initial "Replenish" PIT and then a "Consumed" PIT, resulting in the ProductItems' QuantityOnHand to be reduced.

If I manually change the QuantityOnHand on the ProductItem, the PIT correctly shows type "Adjusted".

Is there any way to consume a ProductItem without a ProductConsumed, or do I have to open a case with Salesforce? Mainly I am interested in whether I can do anything to prevent these strange ProductItemTransactions.

edit: It seems that this happens, when ProductConsumed records are deleted by deleting a related WorkOrderLineItem.

And to make it clear: On one ProductItem there are 2 ProductItemTransaction-records, one with TransactionType = "Replenish" (the first creation of the ProductItem) and one with TransactionType = "Consumed", without a RelatedRecordId. But none with TransactionType = "Adjusted"

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