I´d like to set specific modules for final users, I´m going to give a training session about a new implementation in SF. For many users it´s the first time they use Salesforce even for some of they, the first time they work with leads and opportunities. So I want to ask that users take some basic modules before attending the training session. For the training we´re going to use a sandbox org but I want to know if there si a possibility to launch the trailhead from this sandbox and that the users only can see the specific modules. All of this without having to create a trailhead account. Also I want to track their progress.


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You can't track their progress without a trailhead account. They can simply use their login credentials for production to log in, and you can install the Trailhead Tracker to get information on who has done what. You can't specifically restrict them to just the modules you want, but you could set up a Trailmix for them to follow. Or, if you really wanted to, you could go as far as myTrailhead to build your own internal modules and use those instead.

  • Thanks. I´m going to try with Trailhead Tracker.
    – Mar
    Mar 20, 2019 at 16:18

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