I created an einstien analytics dashboard last year and so far everything is working fine. I created a new dataset using one of the dataflow and created a step using this new dataset and updated one of the existing number widget on the dashboard using this new step. When I apply global filters (like close date on opportunity), it is not working. In the step I created, I've enabled apply global filters checkbox but it is still not working. Not sure what I'm missing here. I want this widget should be displayed based on the global filter.



Unsure if you're still seeking an answer here, but it seems like the names of the fields in the global filter and the new step may not match. To be specific, in order for a global filter to apply to a step, the step needs to match the field that's being filtered in the filter pane.

If you're using two different datasets you can use the Connect Data Sources feature found in the 3-dots button on the top right of the dashboard editor. This allows you to select 2 fields from different datasets that should be equivalent. This would tie together similar fields between the two datasets.

Please let me know if this solves your issue.

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