I am Trying to write a dynamic SOQL Query with a nested query.

public static List<Books__c> filterRecords(String bookNumber, String PDCN, String Brand, String Type){

    String query = 'SELECT Id,Content__c,ForecastWeekIndicator__c,Generic_PDCN__c,isExpired__c, '+
        'BrandStandardName__c,DPForecast_BaseUnits__c,ForecastStatus__c,Generic_DateTime__c, '+
        'Type__c,OperationalForecast_BaseUnits__c,PackageStandardName__c,bookNumber__c__c '+
        'FROM Books__c WHERE Type__c =:Type '+
        'AND Id NOT IN (SELECT Books__c FROM User_Specific_Books__c '+ 
        'WHERE Books_Delete__c = TRUE AND User__c = : UserInfo.getUserId())';
    if(string.isNotEmpty(bookNumber__c) && bookNumber__c!=null){
        query = query + ' AND bookNumber__c__c =: bookNumber__c';
    if(string.isNotEmpty(PDCN) && PDCN != null){
        query = query + ' AND Generic_PDCN__c =: PDCN';
    if(string.isNotEmpty(Brand) && Brand != null){
        query = query + ' AND BrandStandardName__c =: Brand';
    List<Notification__c> lst;

        lst = Database.query(query);

    }catch(Exception e){

        return lst;
        return null;

and, I am getting exception expecting a right parentheses, found '('. Any explanation would be appreciated.

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You can't use actual Apex in dynamic queries. Only "simple" variables are allowed. The problem is in the following line.

    'WHERE Books_Delete__c = TRUE AND User__c = : UserInfo.getUserId())';

Assign the value to a variable first:

Id userId = UserInfo.getUserId();
    'WHERE Books_Delete__c = TRUE AND User__c = :userId)';
  • @ThomasPete you're welcome! P.S. String.isNotBlank also checks for null values, no need to check that separately in your code.
    – sfdcfox
    Mar 18, 2019 at 14:56

You can't use dot reference in dynamic query. Here is your problem:

'WHERE Books_Delete__c = TRUE AND User__c = : UserInfo.getUserId())'

You need to add some context variable to store the Id and then change it to:

'WHERE Books_Delete__c = TRUE AND User__c = :runningUserId'
  • Thanks, Adding a context variable did it! Mar 18, 2019 at 14:55

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