trigger to update lookup fields in 2 object lookup fields My requirement is :

a) i am having 2 lookup fields in 2 different objects with fields with common fields "city"

If i update a city using lookup for example california is changed to *washington* the change must update all records which have california must be changed to washington.

ex:- accounts and contacts objects has common field city if i update city field in accounts then it must update in contacts also.


Since the two field is updated together. Why not just consolidate the two fields to one ?

Just create another formula field in the contact object (child), and make it reference to account's city.

Or it can be done to update the responding fields by using workflow + field update. The case is simple and you don't need to write a trigger.

However, I can't see why it need to separate them to two different fields.

  • Dear user4986: So your issue is how to avoid "trigger looping" right ? – Cray Kao Jan 29 '14 at 15:49

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