the code for creating a DE is straightforward, but I'm trying to specify where I want this to be created rather than the root DE folder.

Is such a thing possible?


  • can you provide reference to 'the code for creating a DE'. There are multiple routes available to create a DE in SSJS. If you can specify and perhaps share the code, it would likely allow us to better assist you. – Gortonington Mar 14 at 18:04

You would just need to add in the CategoryID of the folder you wish to push the DE into.

The SSJS DataExtension Core Library Function operates as a 'short hand' for the API object so you should be able to include all the attributes listed there.

I have tested the following code and it has worked correctly and inserted the DE into my specified folder.

var deObj = {
        "CustomerKey" : "demoDE",
        "Name" : "My Demo DE",
        "CategoryID" : 8675309, /* Put your folder (CategoryID) here */
        "Fields" : [
          { "Name" : "Field 1", "FieldType" : "Number", "IsPrimaryKey" : true, "IsRequired" : true },
          { "Name" : "Field 2", "FieldType" : "Text", "MaxLength" : 50 },
          { "Name" : "Field 3", "FieldType" : "Date", "Ordinal" : 2 },

var myDE = DataExtension.Add(deObj);

You should consider using the new WSProxy; according to the documentation, it's more performant than the existing core library methods. Here's an example from the documentation:

var prox = new Script.Util.WSProxy();

var guid = Platform.Function.GUID();
var name = "my test de - " + guid;

var de = {
    Name: name,
    CustomerKey: guid,
    Description: "Another DE added via SSJS",
    Fields: [{
        FieldType: "Text",
        Name: "ID",
        MaxLength: 36,
        IsPrimaryKey: true,
        IsNillable: false,
        IsRequired: true
        FieldType: "Text",
        Name: "Name",
        MaxLength: 200
    CategoryID: 101377

var res = prox.createItem("DataExtension", de);

Where CategoryID is the ID of the target folder.

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