I am trying to figure out how to add a Lightning Web Component to a Lightning tab. I have it on the Home Page, but I would like it to be on its own tab. I feel like there should be an option to expose it to the Lightning tabs. When I am in the Tabs section, I don't see my LWC listed.

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    You can if you have a Lighting Page Tab created. – Jayant Das Mar 14 at 15:27
  • @JayantDas how about lightning component tab? – Pranay Jaiswal Mar 14 at 15:39
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    @PranayJaiswal as long as your LWC is wrapped within an Aura component, then Yes. Because you cannot really edit a Lighting (Aura) Component tab but only associate it with an aura component. – Jayant Das Mar 14 at 15:42

I was able to do this by:

  • Setup
  • Lightning App Builder
  • List item
  • Create a new App Page
  • Add the LWC to the page
  • Associate the page with an App

So far (Spring '19), using a Lightning web component inside a tab isn't supported, as listed here.

What you can do is wrap it inside an aura component, and create a tab for it.

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