I have the following formula field in a custom object, which is being used to tell me if the address in the related object is being populated. It stopped working. Its supposed to be unchecked if the address is not populated. Any idea?

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    Why not set up a validation rule (on Account_LC__c) to ensure that this information is populated? Writing a formula to notify you about this on a child object seems like a really weak and roundabout way to enforce this. – Derek F Mar 13 at 19:52
  • Also, as usual, providing an example of what "not working" really helps. What input are you seeing that causes the wrong output? and what is the wrong output? The way this formula is structured right now, it seems to me like your checkbox would be checked if any of those fields aren't blank (instead of if all of those fields aren't blank). Are you sure that's what you intended? – Derek F Mar 13 at 19:58
  • Its a formula field using a checkbox. It works or it doesn't. Wasn't sure if it wasn't working due to a problem in the conditions. It was a Salesforce problem. Salesforce support was able to fix. – user56320 Mar 18 at 14:09

The formula works fine. This was a problem with Salesforce. Salesforce Support was able to fix this issue internally.

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