The Chat to Agent button is not appearing on our website.

It was working fine, then I changed the users who had the Live Agent feature license and also added them to the Permission Set; and now the button will not appear.

Live Agent Configuration

  1. Live Agent Permission Set:

    • Full access to object: Live Chat Transcripts
    • Full access to object: Live Chat Visitors
    • Full access to object: Live Agent Sessions
    • Service Presence Statuses Access: Available - Live Agent is selected
  2. Live Agent Chat Button

    • Routing Type: Omni-Channel Queues
    • Is configured to use the Live Agent Queue
  3. Live Agent Configurations

    • Has the users assigned
  4. Users configuration

    • Live Agent Feature license ticked
    • Service Cloud User Feature license ticked
  5. Omni-Channel Settings

    • Enable Omni-Channel is ticked
    • Enable Skills-Based Routing is not ticked
  6. Default Presence Configuration

    • Capacity of 2
  7. Presence Statuses

    • has a presense of Available - Live Agent which has Live Agent as the selected channel
  8. Routing Configurations

    • has a Live Agent Routing Config which is configured to use queue Live Agent Queue
    • Routing Priority of 1
    • Routing Model of Most Available
    • Units of Capacity of 1.00
  9. Live Agent Queue

    • has the correct users selected.
  10. Live Agent Settings

    • Enable Live Agent is ticked
  11. Live Agent Skills

    • There is a skill and the two users have been added to the skill.
    • NOTE: We are not using Skills.


  1. Why won't the chat button appear?
  2. What am I missing?

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The configuration must be fine because the following day Live Agent started to work again.

I suspect user error... i.e. they weren't logged in, when they said they were.

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