I have a requirement whereby I need to add a new entry to the "Type" Picklist in the "Campaigns" standard Object. I need to add a new entry in the picklist in addition to the ones already provided by Salesforce.

I was able to do this using the Point and Click mechanism by going to Setup->Customize->Objects->Campaigns->Fields. However could you guys please let me know as to how I can add this change in my managed package.

What I want is that when somebody installs my App, then he/she should see this value in their Campaign Types.

Your help will be of great use. Thank you

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I'm not sure it's possible to add custom picklist values to a standard field in a managed package though. (I believe I read this somewhere but I can be wrong)

Also make sure to check out the following similar question on how to manage changing picklist values in managed packages: What are the best practices for managing changing picklist values in managed packages?

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