I am trying to create multi-level approvals and having trouble getting 2nd and 3rd approval (not sure if this is possible or not?)


I need 3 levels of approval for orders.

  • Anything under £100 doesn't need approval.
  • £100 - £10k - needs to be approved by Person X
  • £10k - £25k - needs to be approved by Person X, and then Person Y.
  • £25k+ - needs to be approved by Person X, Person Y and then Person Z.

Is this possible?


  • What's the issue you are facing in 2nd and 3rd approvals? – Santanu Boral Mar 12 at 17:29

You could create 3 approval processes for each one of those conditions.

For 2nd and 3rd approval processes, add respective approvers and choose "Require UNANIMOUS approval from all selected approvers."

Approval Step

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