I am needing to find a way to find all email templates in my org that havent been used in the last X amount of time (not sure on exact date or # of months yet). Is there a way i can either just use a query in the dev console or an export from data loader to retrieve this information or at least pull back some sort of last used date?

I found a basic answer which i posted in the comment below, since running the soql as:

select id, Name, LastUsedDate   
FROM EmailTemplate 
ORDER BY LastUsedDate

This soql returned 879 templates. However only 39 of them had a last used date. Apparently the last used date is only populated when someone uses the
Activity->Send email function. So any email templates being used in workflows or anywhere else do not have the date populated.

Does anyone have any other ways of retrieving ALL email template used dates.

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